Mike Jang
Artist & Animator & Instructor

I have over 15 years of experience as a professional animator and a drawing instructor. I had the chance to work for many major studios all over the world. (Vancouver, Korea, Montreal) 

My goal is to improve your drawing skills, help you with the portfolio work required for college entrance, and educate people who want to learn animation and get a job as an animator.

About Art & Anim

The classes are made for all age group including adults who wants to develop their drawing skills and want to learn about the animation from a real expert in the field.


This can be young students who want to learn the basics and aim to enter college by creating an art portfolio, or adults hoping to refine their skill. 

This program also provides the chance to build the necessary technical and creative skills to demonstrate and present their talents to the film and game industries. I will work with students to plan and develop unique, creative projects for their demo reels, and networking in the animation community.

Via Zoom or face to face, we will talk about your goal and see how I can help you to reach them. 

Lastly, I want my students to find the passion in themselves that will lead to whatever path appeals to them.





             My work


MPC . Atomic fiction . Method Studios . Frame Store


Digi Art . Digital Idea . Dexter Digital


North West FX Imaging . Bardel Entertainment


Personal Drawings

             Anim Reel


Art & Drawing

* Creating Portfolio 

* 1,2 point perspective basics, Drawing basic shpes (Pencil Dessin)

* About Sketch

* Figure Drawing & Life Drawing

* Contour Drawing

* Self Portrait Drawing 

* Figure, Hands, Feet Drawing

* Painting ( Basic Color theory, Oil painting, Watercolor )

* Abstract Drawing

* Composition Theory

* Pen Drawing

* Left hand Drawing

* How to describe a work of art


Anim Foundation Class

* Types of Animation

* 12 Principles of Animation

* Bouncing Ball

* 3d Tool, Maya Basic Skill

* Walk & Run cycle

* Jump Animation

* Weight Animation 

* Posing your character

* Camera 


Anim Advanced Class

* Acting, Character Anim 

* Creature Anim

* Game Anim, Body Mechanics

* Creating Demoreel, Portfolio









Email : 3d46hongjoo@gmail.com

Call : 514 638 7263

Mike Jang

Artist & Animator & Instructor

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